i used to feel guilty because i…

Airline jet being pushed
Without the tug-cart pushing the Jet back, what would happen?


Over the years, i used to feel guilty because i thought my bosses should pay more attention to how great i was.

Then i realized my bosses were super busy.

i used to feel guilty because i couldn’t figure out how to get their attention – so i could feel like they really cared.

Then i realized every leader (even Disney’s leaders) is trying to keep their own head above water.


Survival doesn’t harvest great leaders.

i used to get stressed wondering why i struggled with this so much – and why literally everyone else i knew struggled similarly.

Then i made a six-year plan (at 49) to retire from Disney at 55 and start my own enterprise.

My respect for small business owners exponentially increased.

My respect for survivors (the ones not willing to leave) has weakened. The good news is that this respect is a non-issue when you let it go and move on.

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