What would you write about yourself?

Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Wrote the piece below for the conference (above).


Imagine being asked to write a summary of yourself – what would you write?

This happened to me recently and this is what i wrote…

Closing Keynote: “Lead Like You Mean It: Four World-Class Leadership Basics”
30-year Disney veteran, Retired Disney Institute Keynote Speaker; Two-time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient; Published Author

If you could wave a Magic Wand, it would provide the corporate architecture for building better answers. Jeff’s four world-class leadership basics provide a brilliantly simple blueprint for better days, better outcomes, and better health – organizationally and personally. Jeff’s leadership architecture provides the transformational template for organizational and personal vibrancy. Every employee, at every level, in every company, will walk away equipped with the catalytic leadership DNA to solve their unsolvables.

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