Will you stop excelling?

Lee Cockerell window
Second favorite window.


Walt Disney window
Favorite window.


Walt Disney window
Walter Elias Disney’s window faces Cinderella Castle and many Guests never see it.


Cast window
Third favorite window is “my” window. By the way, the hike was intended to rack up some mileage before next week’s hiking (and writing) trip to Glacier.


Main Street clock
My work was done by 8:10 AM.


Will you stop excelling?

You literally get paid the same whether you do extra work or not.

This is assuming you are paid by the hour. If you are salaried, or you own your own business, the story is quite different.

Being on your own, extra work doesn’t automatically equate to extra pay.


Because you may be working hard on the wrong things.

Do you have a vision of the future that portrays you as working for someone or working for yourself?

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