Balancing humility with strength is challenging

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Most executives are easily distracted by bright, shiny things.


Dear Company Executive,

Do you trust your gut?

Me too.

May i remind you…

Recently, you received the gift of gut reactions from the only person (me) that confronted you when none of your inner-circle did, even though they had ample opportunities. And i did it quickly, after a single encounter with you.

So you know first hand how incredibly powerful my gut (and courage for confrontation) is.

First, here are the key snippets from a sterotypical Executive Coach’s website:


  1. “I have also earned the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation.”
  2. “Less than 5% of all professional coaches worldwide hold this designation.”
  3. “The primary significance of this for my leaders is that a) I have done a ton of coaching, and b) I have been judged by my peers as meeting the highest standards of the coaching profession.”


Now, i’m gonna dissect my gut reactions based on the three points above.


Sentence 1:  Sounds impressive, and she needs to sound impressive. She’s sunk if she can’t sound impressive. Period.

Sentence 2:  The wow-factor, top of her industry. This was a purchased opportunity, like an MBA or a PhD. She needs the wow factor.

Sentence 3:  Like “going-the-extra-mile” is a flawed proposition, this sentence reveals something inexperienced CEO’s will never know. Disney has a standard of excellence that no one can comprehend, except those who spent a lifetime there…that’s 30 years for me, my Executive friend. i’ve literally seen it all, at every level. From Michael Eisner and Frank Wells to brand new Custodial Hosts and Hostesses (janitors).



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