Best Day Of Your Life?

It's True
It's True

A few weeks ago, I asked the hotel breakfast buffet attendant, “What’s your secret?”

She, maybe in her late 60’s early 70’s, said, “My days are numbered and I’m not wasting a single one having a bad day!”

And I thought and pronounced to myself, “I knew it!!”

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  1. Why can’t we learn this in our teens and twenties? Why not learn it as a toddler? Or maybe we need to start earlier?

  2. Part of the vision at Mid Life Celebration, LLC is to eventually (and it may not happen in my lifetime) have mental, physical, spiritual, financial (career), and personal administrative (HQ) responsibility pushed all the way down to the pre-school curriculum.

    You may say I’m a dreamer……

  3. What’s the exact date?

    We’ll all have a moment of silence for you. 🙂

    Just think, 20 more years and you can join me in AARP!

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