Common Men & Women Who Have A Purpose So Large, It Changes Things

Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion rotunda in World Showcase.

Most people who influence change are not of royal, political or financial pedigrees.

Common men and women, who have a purpose so large, it changes things.

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what noble purpose would you pursue?

I’m helping to raise money until a cure is found.

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  1. To spread God’s love, the Holy Spirit, here on earth; one person at a time. Treat everyone as if they are the Christ, for they are. Truly, it can be a tough task, but it is not difficult. Think of it as wanting to impress your boss on evaluation day. Dress your best; act your best — with everyone.

    And do I slip up? Of course.

  2. I am agreeing with Patty about sharing God’s love with people who don’t get that He loves them. I have long thought that if folks really in their hearts realized that they are valuable and special to a Heavenly Father, the world would drastically change for the good of all. And so, I go to my noble purpose on a one-by-one level, every day and every way. By grace.

  3. When our son starts looking for the face of Jesus in the real world, I hope he has to look no farther than across the dinner table.

    Figure if we can do that, when we leave the house, let the ripple effect kick in.

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