Human Nature To Criticize

Someone Please Help Me Change
Someone Please Help Me Change

Criticize ourselves?


Criticize others?


It’s human nature.

It also helps medicate our insecurities.

And doing the opposite is a great way to improve our chances for success.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    You are right – people do criticize others more than themselves, usually. It allows people to justify their own actions by saying, “I am not so bad – look at that person.” But when it is all said and done, you have only yourself to answer for to God.

    A friend of mine I met on, Jeff Putnam, said this (and I quote him in my Ethics class I teach): “At the end of the day, the greatest opportunity I can create for myself is the opportunity to be able to face myself in the mirror.” Most people choose to look at others’ behaviors instead of looking in the mirror – it is easier to digest. But by doing that, you deny yourself opportunity to learn from your mistakes and to grow.


  2. Wow. This is really powerful Bob. Thank you for sharing it.

    It validates what I was thinking about just an hour ago.

    One opportunity I see in Jeff Putnam’s thinking is this, The mirror is also there in the morning. Get focused and courageous before you walk out your front door.”

  3. Spot on, Jeff, spot on! The mirror doesn’t just show up at night – it is ever-present.

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