Some People Never See It Coming

About 50 meters from Jungle Cruise, a job I began January 25, 1982…

Have you ever started out on a reasonable journey, eventually getting to a place you never tried to be, never dreamt of, never had it as a goal?

But there you found yourself, in some way, a remarkable person for having the guts to stick with an idea. Ever do this?

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By jeff noel

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  1. Had a similar very conversation with my college bound daughter. “Don’t kick the donkey.” If your path isn’t clear, perhaps you are being directed to travel by a different road. Don’t give up, but be mindful that maybe your talents are needed in another area.

  2. Had this conversation with my 23 year daughter the other day.

    In less than one year she went from living in my basement with no real job prospects to a full time job with good pay and benefits in Charleston, SC and she is loving every minute of it.

    She never could have imagined….

    As Patty mentions above…a path opened up that she didn’t even know existed and she was brave enough to take it.

    Makes me proud.

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