Why was faith, hope, and love our go-to when we were younger?

Allentown's Morning Call newspaper
Yesterday morning, Monday, July 18.


i have no idea how to act when the only visible things that seems to be working decently are your lungs and your mind.

Would i be able to remain a pillar of faith, hope, and love when everything around me is crumbling?

At 57, i am incredibly inexperienced compared to 90.

i told him that.

All i can think about is that faith, hope, and love are the very things we need when the end is near.

Having spent many days and nights living in the Senior Housing Facility and visiting the adjoining 24-hour Nursing Home, i’m seriously confused by what i observe and have observed for many years.

And i wonder if Faith, Hope, and Love – our everything when we are younger – turn out to be fair-weather companions as we age.




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