Would Anyone Notice If You Quit?

Where Did Everyone Go?

jeff noel, Midlife Celebration’s prolific blogger, floats an interesting question today. Would anyone notice if you stopped, you know, quit?:

  • Reading leadership articles
  • Praying for those less fortunate
  • Kissing your loved ones good night
  • Giving money to charity
  • Being careful what you eat

Would they?

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  1. Patty, the things that people would have to do for themselves if we quit would get noticed, like buy groceries, cook meals.
    The things that people don’t need to do if we stop like pray, read – unlikely anyone would notice at all.

  2. hmmm…. don’t say that I agree with the example of stopping prayer, that the recipient would not notice. In light of recent events, I guess we could ask David. But I think he would have noticed. 🙂 Even if you put the cure aside an a biological fact, think about the support and love that flowed from hundreds, if not thousands, of people. God’s love poured out through the many.

    I’m heading off on a tangent here, sorry… but I don’t think you can say prayer is unnecessary, or unnoticeable. Prayers for an unknown homeless person could mean their acquiring a job, insight, a home, regaining a family connection. If not asking for and acknowledging God’s blessings then why pray at all?

  3. Patty, thank you for challenging the thought process. That’s what Mid Life Celebration is all about. Just to clarify, I will never say prayer is unnecessary.

    I think we are tempted to not do these relatively invisible things because we think no one sees. How could they if it’s invisible, either physically or psychologically?

    The point being, the most important things we do, often go unnoticed. This is the devil’s design to convince us it’s not worth it.

  4. Devil’s design? Yes.
    This is why some could be doomed when they perform actions, believing that those will justify their salvation. They get caught up in the motions, without a real knowledge of grace.
    This doesn’t negate any action, though.
    God may actually use the actions of one without faith, in order to strengthen the faith of a believer. Check out “Pharoah”.
    By God’s grace, actions should pour from a strong faith.

  5. Craig, interesting. It sounds like you are possibly suggesting that premeditated efforts are not as pure as unplanned efforts.

    We learn mostly through repetition. Which comes down to learning by design (on purpose) or by default (random).

    What starts out as a forced habit, over time, becomes an unconscious habit. Say, picking up trash as a new employee at a Central Florida Theme Park. That employee will pick up trash, without thinking about it, no matter where they are. 🙂

  6. Premeditated? No.
    Just positing that there could be different conditions of the heart.
    Some may do things to be noticed, while others may be doing it for the sake of helping.
    As you pointed out, though, forced habit may turn into unconscious habit. Those forced actions may have transformed that person.

  7. Craig, love the dialogue. I have worked incredibly long and hard to not judge other’s intentions. Why? I have enough worries about myself to not worry about others.

  8. Craig, Happy Thanksgiving. You’re so right, we have no place to judge. I can barely keep up with my own imperfections, let alone someone else’s.

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