A Lunchtime (In USA) Reminder That Conformity Has It’s Place, And Sometimes It Doesn’t

One of the inspiring things about inspiration is that it’s so practical and convenient. We never have to look far or try too hard. Dead Poet’s Society is jeff noel’s all time favorite movie. Thought I knew why. But at 6:15AM this morning, it became crystal clear. Thank you David Balentine for the feed.

We may not fully understand our passion until the end, when God reveals a bountiful harvest.

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  1. A great way to end the day. Or start the day. Or a mid-day break.

    There’s a time to conform, like when you’re marching in formation in a parade. Then there is a time to stand out from the norm.

  2. Ramesh, hello again. Nice to hear from you. It’s an all-time favorite for a variety of reasons. If it does not inspire you, schedule an appointment with a doctor, okay? 🙂

  3. jeff,

    Please forgive me. I didn’t thank you for the mention. You probably know it’s understood. But it’s greatly appreciated.

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