I Feel Like A Pig (In A Good Way)

Halifax Seaport boardwalk, May 7, 2011, during a rare 30-minute run.

Remember Walt Disney’s cartoon, The Three Little Pigs?

On a rare (due to busy schedules) 30-minute run this past weekend, these three commercial huts on the Halifax Boardwalk reminded me of the story.

Two pigs chose to have fun. One pig planned ahead.

I feel like that pig.

Which pig are you?

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  1. The planner… but too much planning, I wonder if it is a bad thing. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to be in the driver’s seat all the time.

  2. Indeed.
    Balance means many things to many people. Not driving may be a measure of balance.
    Personally, I’m playing catch-up from so many years of not planning ahead.
    Eventually, ‘balance’ between driving and not driving will be struck.

  3. In some areas…the planner

    In some areas…the player

    Working on getting it right

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