It’s probably one or the other for all of as we travel through life

Spaceship Earth
Hometown = Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow


It’s one or the other for us as we travel through life attempting something incredibly lofty:

  • our efforts will change our life
  • our efforts were the biggest waste of our time

Faith, reason, and hard work are never a 100% guarantee.

There are only two regrets in life:

  1. We didn’t try hard enough and failed
  2. We tried too hard and wasted our resources

Life is hard.

And full of uncertainty.

Be intentional which ever way we choose. No?

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  1. Patty, we know this: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    And let us not attempt anything except what is good an decent. And impossible is okay too.

  2. Like cycling up Mount Wachusett… 🙂 or better yet, helping friends with their home reconstruction on the weekends. Or simply being the best parent, the best person we can be. Enjoy living.

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