Reading Is Following

Leadership Is Not A Spectator Sport
Leadership Is Not A Spectator Sport

Google results for:

Leadership = 126 million

Leadership books = 56.5 million

Leadership articles = 55.4 million

Leadership blogs = 37.5 million

How do we get our collective arms around this whole notion of leadership?

What is it exactly?

And why are there a gazillion results?

Anyone else think like this?

All I know is that as of yesterday, March 31, I’ve written 1,950 blog posts.

It seemed that maybe I should read less and write more.

Isn’t leadership about leading and not following?

Reading is following.

Writing is not.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff,

    Leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught, although it may be learnt and may be enhanced through coaching or mentoring.

    There are natural born leaders.

    There are adequately trained leaders.

    There are poor leaders who want to be in leadership positions.

    There are followers who are forced into leardership positions.

    If everyone was a leader who would we lead?

    We need good followers as well.

    300 million people in this country…what percentage is leaders? what percentage should be leaders?

  2. Skip, one of the main ingredients that great leaders is confidence.

    From confidence, courage is launched.

    Without courage, you can not be a leader.

    I believe people can learn confidence, and therefore, can learn to be a great leader – disputing the “leaders are born, not made” myth.

  3. Disagree with you to a degree about disputing the myth

    An effective (trained) leader will never be as good as a natural born leader because a trained leader has to work harder to be effective. One can learn traits but they won’t come naturally and your subordinates will see right through it.

    Like I said above, leadership flows from the core of a personality and cannot be taught.

    I guess what I’m saying is you can teach someone to lead but you can’t teach them to be a born leader….

    I understand myself perfectly but I’m not sure I’m articulating very well.

  4. How’s this? I agree with you that there are some people who have a predisposition to lead – the natural born leader.

    Same applies to athletics – some are born with a predisposition, genetics if you will.

    And there are others who can work hard and excel at athletics. So I agree with you that some are born and some are made.

    And yes, those “born with it” will have some sort of an advantage.

    However, what those who aren’t born with it will have, perhaps, is an indomitable will and a vision for the future that they will not stop to complete.

  5. Is it possible? Yes.

    Have I seen it happen? Not yet.

    Have I seen pretty good? Sure.

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