Seek Knowledge, But Stopping There Is A Waste

Near the entrance here…

….lies an in-ground dedication from the class of 1959…

jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer was born in 1959, and wonders if Acadia’s class of 1959 (now 73 years old) ever used their knowledge for personal transformation.

And what impact their personal transformation had on society – the ripple effect.

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  1. WOW, Jeff…reminds me of a book I read recently by Dr. Johnny Hunt, where he asks if you are “developing the legacy that will outlast you.” Did this group just stop with 1959, or have they developed a legact that has outlasts them?

    By the way, the book is “Building Your Leadership Resume.”

  2. Jeff,

    The premise is based on the concept of being a servant-minded leader. If we do the things that develop us as a leader from a servant perspective instead of a selfish perspective, our impacts will extend far beyond just our present situations. And from a Christian perspective (Dr. Hunt is a pastor and former President of the Southern Baptist Convention), you are also making eternal impacts.

    Here’s the link about the book and a video attached.


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