Starting Four Years Early

Who's Got Time To Do This?
Who's Got Time To Do This?

Last week I told an influential person where I’ve been working for the past 27 years that I’d like to begin the dialogue for retirement.



You know, to understand what my options are when I reach retirement age at 55.

It’s less than four years away.

This is exciting stuff…

By jeff noel

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  1. WOW!!!! You will have 31 years with the same company. That speaks a lot to the good of the company and your commitment to the company.


  2. Maybe. 🙂

    Maybe more.

    Maybe less.

    What if I work at WDW until I’m 80?

    What if my desire to raise enough money to find a cure for an incurable disease can no longer wait, not even four years?

    This is one of the most exciting times of my life.

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