The spiritual connotation of going the extra inch is business at it’s best


White Lab at attention on Florida pool deck
First photo of Cooper on my return – he is keenly tuned into smells and sounds


The spiritual connotation of going the extra inch is business at it’s best.

And it isn’t just for business.

Had the cab driver drop me off at the subdivision entrance and walked the half mile home with a suitcase and backpack.

A walk no longer than the one frequently taken at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport (the world’s busiest).

The sights, smells, humidity, and familiarity at 7am was a wonderful welcome home.

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  1. Donna, this is brilliantly inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Of course, my big goal in life is to become the kind of person my Dog thinks I am. Right?

    Be well and remain amazed.

  2. Jeff,

    Perspective is everything. That extra inch does make a difference between “doing what is expected” and “going above and beyond.” “Doing what is expected” is only acknowledged when what happens is below average – then you hear, “That wasn’t even up the normal.” But “going above and beyond” screams, “This is not just your average experience.” Being in a hotel this week has reminded me that people can do what it takes to get by, but aiming for lofty goals gets my attention and my return business!


  3. Bob, the real challenge with delivering sensational service is scaling it.

    Through every employee.

    Every customer interaction.

    The extra mile can overwhelm employees.

    The extra inch? How could you not go that far?

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