Two transformational life hack experiments

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Life hack experiment #1:

Could we work in a job where we loved it so much we didn’t need a vacation away from it?

Life hack experiment #2:

Could we live a life that is so alive that we wouldn’t need drugs or alcohol to feel that way?

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  1. Jeff, the first life hack experiment is what I believe is possible yet I have never fully experienced. I know what it could look like, feel like, and even smell like yet at times it seems impossible. At the very SAME time I love that I serve a God who enjoys doing the IMPOSSIBLE in ordinary people like myself. I am believing and waiting for I know it is going to happen!

  2. Jessica, what a wonderful surprise to see you here. Welcome.

    The fact that you are crystal clear on your “center” is the fertile soil for your future sowing and reaping.

    Surrender is part of the journey. When trying no longer feels like trying. When it feels like privilege. When you can’t wait for the alarm clock to go off every morning.

    Things changed when the career focus shifted from climbing the ladder to serving without concern for personal gain. Probably around 2006-07.

    The other game changer was being able to work from home, starting January 2012. And people always asked, “What’s it like working from home?”

    In reply, “Don’t know, i’m never there.”

    Used to travel four or five weeks out of every six.

    Thanks for visiting Jessica.

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