What Have You Got To Lose?

Pushy People Ultimately Become Successful
Pushy People Ultimately Become Successful

This is the question that echos in our lizard brain.

We focus on survival.

Not on pushing the boundaries.

Boundary pushers don’t intend to make others feel uncomfortable, but they do.

Why is that?

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  1. Jeff,

    A lot has to do with the concept of safety – even in a bad situation, people are more comfortable than the alternative, which is stepping into a new situation where they haven’t experienced it. I have heard it before described by the following analogy: what do people do when they get on an elevator in an unfamiliar building. When the doors open, they step out, look around, and if it is unfamiliar, they get back in to the elevator to a familiar place. That won’t get them where they are needing to go. Then they check the floor and, if it is right, get back out again to a place that is now familiar…they were just there when they looked out 2 seconds earlier. Familiarity is security. Stretching the boundaries aren’t.


  2. The only constant is change. As must as we pretend otherwise, it’s truth.
    The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    And so it goes.
    Thanks for the analogy Bob. Good one.

  3. I tend to be pushy, and I know it makes people uncomfortable. Just think about how I discovered you were writing a book… and then discovered your blogs; very pushy. But all that inquiry has met with success and enlightenment. Now, if I weren’t so pushy…

  4. Patty, appreciate your candor. Wouldn’t be too concerned. It seems most everyone here have been to Hell and back at least once. So, we’re a toughened up group, most of us.

    We all share a kindred spirit here, even the folks that have yet to formally say hello, and that is to solidify our belief that life is glorious and that we have an obligation to “The Herd” to help in the best way we can.

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