What’s Your Social Net-Worth? Not Nearly What You Might Think When You Do The Math

Most can’t see it. The very people hiding Friend’s status updates likely have theirs hidden. So then what’s the net worth of a social network? Two pics, same subject…

One with intentional reflection. The other, without. jeff noel’s goal – capture a glimpse of the artist in action, but afraid most would call it sloppy.

Being antagonistic feels good, and not so good. The intent is only for good.

Tell us again your social net worth.

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  1. Ben, great to see you here. Checked the link. At this time of night, will have to explore it later.
    Interesting though, today’s visits broke a single day record. It almost made me cry (no tears, just humbly emotional) because of unwavering commitment, 100k monthly isn’t far away.

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