10 Things I’ll Miss (draft from July 2009)

Wrote this draft 1.5 years ago and here it is for the 1st time, but the photo was taken yesterday…

As of today, July 29, 2009, I’ve posted 190 jungle jeff blog entries, plus dozens of tips in the PAGES column.

Every single jungle jeff blog post, I believe without exception, has at least one, and most likely, multiple hyperlinks leading where?

One cyber-destination, and one cyber-destination only.

My workplace.

Effective immediately, that will no longer happen.

10 Things I’ll miss about not using social media to promote my workplace on jungle jeff:

  1. Everything  🙂
  2. The solace a person feels when they know they’ve done their absolute best
  3. Showcasing the depth and breadth of my workplace’s offerings
  4. Developing trust with jungle jeff readers
  5. Building relationships (see #4)
  6. Showing what’s possible to those around me
  7. Engaging potential consumers
  8. Spreading the word, to the world
  9. The potential to experiment, professionally, with the various free, web 2.0 tools
  10. Getting great results

Effective August 1, 2009, I will be writing about how my career choice has made me a better person.

Additionally, effective immediately, I will remove all hyperlinks, posts, You Tube videos and any other references. It just makes sense, until an official social media policy is in writing.

Thanks to the three leaders who approved this reasonable experiment. A great learning and development tool – for all of us.

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  1. Is there an “official social media policy is in writing” yet? I remember that day.

  2. An official policy came out shortly after my decision to bow out. Had always been fearful of crossing an undefined line. Never did. Yet never ran free with it.

    Social media then and now, is still a new frontier.

    It’s exciting, and will change (and is changing) the way companies do business.

    Those out in front have the most to gain, and the most to lose.

    And those that follow have the least to gain, and the most to lose.

  3. I remember when this happened.
    Jeff, you and I first met that previous January.
    I remember you feeling out the landscape. It was exciting. I also have a few posts, in my aggregator from disneysjeffnoel.com

    On a note similar to today’s post, I just listened to a podcast of WDWToday (https://www.wdwtoday.com/article.php?story=20110203194552538#comments) where they spoke with Laura Spencer, Social Media Manager for the parks, who began on the Mom’s Panel. It made me think of your time in feeling out an unexplored landscape.
    Fun note: I’ve been listening to the podcast for nearly 6 years!

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