Because the herd follows the same direction, we accept this

Motivational quote on living without regret
Who wants to be the richest person n the graveyard?


When we stop climbing to feed our need for self worth in title and pay, we start climbing to feed our need for authenticity and contribution.

Because the herd follows the same widely accepted, well worn direction, we accept this as normal and follow along.

That getting ahead requires us to be better than the others vying for the same position.

And the only way to stand out – to be selected – is to shine brighter than our peers.

This creates a prison cell for small, justifiable deceit to flourish in our soul.

And it insidiously compromises our authentic self.

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  1. Thus, make your own line/position/path, right?

    Otherwise, there’s a good chance that greener grass syndrome will set in, as well as possible regret for decisions made, which gives an opening to that festering bitterness.

    But, isn’t it easier and comforting to allow the existing framework to provide for that path for advancement?
    Isn’t it motivating to be fueled by that spirit of competition?
    Why make your own game? Why take that risk? Why be true to your heart if it might make things so much harder?

  2. Craig, about halfway into your comment when you ask several questions in a row… we are creatures who follow the herd. The herd says (quietly, co-dependently) you gotta make sacrifices, you know, sell your soul. And we believe it.

    We believe because the herd is strong and overpowers any resistance.

    The Internet is becoming a toxin to the herd. And the tiny minority now have a voice. These are very exciting times we live in. 🙂

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