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One of the most under rated benefits of daily journaling is the cathartic effect of being able to say something publicly, and then letting it go, once and for all.

It’s often been said:

If i have to explain it to you, you won’t understand.

But it sure would be cool to blow that up.

Thank you for calling me a zealot and a narcissist. i’ve always valued your feedback.

Walt Disney was a zealot. As are most people with big dreams. The narcissist label has challenged me, in a good way, though. And thankfully, i can see your point.

In my final annual performance appraisal, my leader used those two words to describe my reputation amongst leadership.

And i finally figured out why he felt that way. At least it feels like the only logical explanation. There are times when all we have is our “gut” instinct.

In order to help him see my value, i would, begrudgingly, share things he would never see – an act of desperation really – simply to raise my salary. It was literally impossible for leadership to carve out time to observe the type of work the delivery team does.

How did i come to this realization?

Being on my own for nearly a year now, my salary is not measured by a leader’s opinion, it is measured in revenue – a metric successful companies put on a pedestal.

No one in their right mind would ask for a 30% raise and 50% fewer work hours.

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