Pricing and such

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Dream equals vision of the future. The future is a place we are not only trying to make better than today, but much better than today.
Disney tickets pricing chart
Upgrades are more expensive because they include more.
Disney tickets pricing chart
Then there are upgrades for volume, with corresponding volume discounts. The longer you stay, the less you pay.

Pricing and such:

Retail keynotes: WDW & Orlando $20k, USA, Canada, Mexico $25k, cross an Ocean/Sea $30k and up.

Retail half-days: add $5k to each Keynote price.

Retail full-days: $39k up to 20 people. $929pp after 20 and up to 48 ($65k).

Retail Custom: Add $15k to any size/price (48 people maximum). For example, 20 people ($39k) plus $15k for custom delivery is $54k.

Retail Boutique Organizational Vibrancy: $15k/hour.

Depending on your location, a travel allowance fee (usually $1.5k) will compliment the contract. Bundled together are: first-class airfare, ground transportation, and meals. Also, you book and pay for two-night Hotel stay.

Two discounts available: for 100% pre-payment at contract signing. Additional discount for contracted and upfront payment on volume engagements commitment. Note: both discounts can be combined for even greater savings. And of course, if your event is in Orlando, enjoy an automatic 20% discount.

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