This Must Be What It Feels Like To Want To Come Out Of The Closet

Walking back to the car after lunch at Disney’s Grand Floridan Resort, near Magic Kingdom.

Social media policies are changing, growing, evolving – getting more practical. This is great news for early adopters to blogging, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media marketing tools.

Nearing my 4,000th blog post, there is this (almost burning) desire after two years of daily blogging – a desire to come out of the closet and reveal a part of my identity.

It seems prehistoric, and almost immoral, to feel like a person has to conceal who they really are…

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By jeff noel

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  1. My take on the reasons for being guarded with identifying information within social media, especially blogging, is that once a word or an image in posted to the internet, you lose control of its existence. A teen’s drunken image posted on fb for fun, can haunt and embarrass them for years. Possibly curtailing a job or college prospect or career. Words typed out and sent in anger can do the same. Stalkers and others with evil intent crawl the web looking for prey. One must be careful.

  2. Patty, in the case of this post, there is no guarding. Google jeff noel and my role as a Disney Institute Facilitator is crystal clear. There’s no secret.

    In fact, that’s the point, nothing is secret anymore, thanks to Google.

    If a person conducts themselves admirably, and the world embraces diversity and respect for the individual, talking about your career in a private, personal context ought to be perfectly acceptable.

    I do it in person socially. The Internet is the new social.

  3. I guess for me there are no secrets on the net. But I’m more guarded with my family, especially my children. Notice in my blog, never any names, and up until lately hardly any pictures of them.

    When we open up on the net, we have to accept the fact that the world may not be respectful or embrace our beliefs. As I was telling my daughter this morning, the only person you can control is yourself. You cannot govern the responses or actions of others.

  4. Ever notice how the best place to hide is in plain sight? I think it must be human nature to enjoy digging. I have found that sometimes when someone asks a question and I tell the truth, they don’t believe me. Like nobody would be that upfront. I find it highly entertaining.

  5. Lorie, Google shares everything. It’s an honor and a privilege to be on the front page.
    What I do is so obvious, yet social media rules in most places are slow to embrace the reality.

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