Attention to detail is what this company is famous for

Walt Disney Legacy Award tag line
Enthusiasm is the only way


Attention to detail is what this company is famous for and it’s what sets them miles apart from their competition.

Do you think enthusiasm is contagious? In fact, it’s the only antidote for the second most contagious thing – lack of enthusiasm.

In exactly 368 days – one year and three days – on June 8, 2014, I can retire at age 55.

Reaching this milestone is scary and exciting.

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  1. And what will the next phase hold? For you certainly aren’t the type to sit back and inspire no one for the next 30 years.

  2. Patty, God’s willis what I’m listening for (and have been for a long time).

    There’s so much opportunity in so many aspects of life, it’s an incredibly exciting time. Turning 55 only happens once.

    One thing I know for sure, is I’d like another shot at Lane 8. Being 55 is being the youngest in the 55-59 age-group. A distinct advantage. 🙂

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