Being Brave Means Learning To Let Go Of Things, And People, You Can’t Change

Yeah, smoking is bad. But I'm not going to convince you to stop. You must do this yourself.

There are things and people we can not and should not change. And there are things and people we should. Wish there was an easy way to tell the difference.

PS. Disagree, agree, or share a personal story?

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  1. In my experience, the only people I can change is me, myself and I. We can preach at others to change, we can pray for them to change, we can guide them along the road to change, but ultimately change must come from within not without.

  2. Natalie, I think you nailed the wisdom of the ages. My hunch is we focus on trying to change others so we don’t have to face ourselves. When I do this I feel like such a hypocrite, which I despise.

  3. Exactly. Often the traits or attitudes I notice and want to change in others are, oddly enough, deeply ingrained in me myself and I.

  4. Natalie, life is cruel like that. And the paradox is life is generous like that. How we see it and what we do is up to me, myself and i.

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