Being Brave Means You Should Feel Comfortable Writing Many Ideas On How To Be Brave, Knowing You Won’t Cover Them All

When your persona is to look at everything differently, you can rub many people the wrong way.

Being brave means putting yourself out there for the whole world to see, knowing full well there will be people who love you, those that don’t care about you, and those that despise you. Play to the first.

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  1. Jeff,

    And to piggyback on that, don’t waste all your energy trying to convince those who don’t like you that they should. That’s a lesson I have been trying to teach my newly-turned teenager, and I think he is getting it! 🙂 Amazing how much adults can go through life and never get that.


  2. Bob, it is amazing. Sadly, I know first hand. But I’ve come through to the other side and can look back a valuable lesson. Praying that you have the courage to stay with this and that your son does too. The only thing tougher than being a new teenager is being their parent. (at least that’s what I’ve observed – I can let you know for sure in about 2 more years)

  3. Jeff,

    Trust me – every day is becoming a learning experience with my teenager, and that’s on my side of the court. I am sure his is pretty full of his own learning experiences as well! 🙂


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