Crazy how many insecure people show up for work everyday

Photo of page from Buddhist Monk book
Inner peace – that’s what makes people secure


Crazy how many insecure people show up for work everyday.

If you are human, odds are you are insecure.

Anyone secure enough to say this is untrue?

Be well and remain amazed secure.

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  1. With that insecurity comes a weakness. A weakness to allow yourself to be beat down.
    Positive reinforcement, via some other means or channel is a very helpful thing. I know if a few places to go… 🙂

  2. Craig, no one is immune from being beaten down.

    Find a million ways. Read, exercise, pray, be amazing at what you do, be decently organized.

    Forgive. Everything.

    Find joy. Everywhere.

    Etc, etc…. you know the drill. Be well and remain amazed. 🙂

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