Do you understand your Next + ?

You can not afford to slip in a place like this. Worrying about slipping kept me away for decades. Not anymore. Photo: Mt Reynolds.

Do you understand your Next + ?

So your Next is your big, multi-year goal/vision. It’s as big a goal or vision as you can ever dream up.

Super-hero big.

My first Next, at age 50, was a 10-year vision to do everything in life i wanted to do if i only lived to my 60th birthday.

Now, at 60, there’s a new Next.

It’s a three-year Next, taking me to my 63rd birthday.

The + is a wild card, diamond in the rough kind of karma.

It’s an accentuated risk taking commitment.

It’s a burn the ships commitment.

It is helping me process a potentially lucrative contract against the work-focus that will be required.

With only 2.5 years left in this Next, a lucrative deal has to be something that happens in the next few days and something that signals to me that the CEO is burning the ships.

The potential to transform a company and the industry they service is intoxicating.

But, and this is a huge but (no pun intended), 99% CEO commitment won’t work.

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