Heretics, thankfully

Dream Golf book
Gift from a client.
page from a book with one sentence highlighted in yellow
First page of the introduction. Yellow highlighted sentence. Watch the two-minute video to hear more heretical talk…

Heretics, thankfully.

Heretic soundbites inspiring me to share them here…

If you think people are coming here to play golf, you are out of your friggen mind.

There are Links courses and then there’s everything else…

As different from each other as a Caddie is from a golf cart.

Forgettable, formulaic designs. Pretentious clubhouses. Signature holes. Golf carts on paved paths that make you feel like a token in a giant board game.

Regard your work as though it will still exist 500 years from now. Is that too much to ask? Anything else would have been too little.

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