How often are we oblivious of these three things?

Teddy bear in Chicago airport gift shop
Home for two days and yes, on the road again today


Driven. As opposed to spectator. Sound like us?

How often are we oblivious of these three things?

  1. The clock
  2. Mediocrity
  3. Antagonizing others without trying

Two out of three is decent.

Believing in something all the way is not meant to piss others off, even though odds are high.

We don’t need permission to be amazing today.


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  1. Jeff – you nailed it. The thing that often ticks off people is a person who is totally sold out on what they believe in and aren’t afraid to tell others. But why is it? I think deep down inside, they are jealous that they can’t be so sold out and genuine! (Why do you think Tim Tebow takes so much crap for being who he is?)


  2. Bob, you nailed it back. Thank you for your comment, because today I really appreciated hearing your voice say it’s ok to sell out to our passions and not be ashamed to live it, breath it, teach it.

    Great Tebow analogy.

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