I learned about hard work from this guy

Mother and Son on Disney Dream Cruise Ship
Work hard to support our family, right?


I learned about hard work from one person. My Dad.

Maybe he worked too hard, too much.

Maybe I do too.

Was it a generational thing or am I safe?

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  1. After my daughter was grown, out of college and married I asked her a question, I said “looking back over the years, what is one thing could I have done better as your father?” She said “I would have liked it if you would have been home more often and not working as much.” That heart breaking comment reminded me that children want visibility and an audience with their dad, not money and material things. Reminds me so much of Lee Cockerell when he says “Manage like a mother” – our employees want us to be visible in the work place, they want to know that they are important and are recognized as such.

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