It’s not that i refuse to do these… #thinkdifferently

think differently


It’s not that i refuse to do these or that i don’t see the value; however, i don’t do any of them.

Blogging is supposed to lead to traffic and traffic is supposed to create a funnel from which your business will flow. Makes sense, so almost everyone does these standard recipe-for-success tactics:

1. Have an email subscription sign up for a newsletter or blog
2. Entice sign-ups with a CTA (call to action) using a free asset give-away.
3. Use videos
4. Do not share your prices publicly
5. Have a slick website with lots of bells and whistles
6. Freely share your best content
7. Automate your social media sharing

So how did that play out in the first year of Disney retirement? If the only metric we use is revenue (because it’s typical), it was the best year of my life.

i only preach what i practice. And i preach to people who don’t want to be the best in their category, they want to become the category.

Sure it’s risky. But so is following the herd.

PS. i blog a lot (13k posts since 2009), but i don’t do it to drive business. On my speaker site, it’s almost impossible to find my blog. Why? Because it’s a personal blog.




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