Just trying a leadership idea on for size

Book draft for Mid Life Celebration
Book draft for Mid Life Celebration
jeff noel's first book
15 months later….

We live our lives with many unfulfilled dreams. Big dreams can scare people. Or intimidate them. Big dreams also provide food for jokes, teasing, and back-stabbing.

So we hide them. We minimize them. We sell ourselves short.

What would it look like if we didn’t?

The vast majority of us will never know.

So I’ve been trying something on for size. A book. The first. Of many.

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  1. I landed on junglejeff.net several years ago – and I am so glad I did!! I start most days with coffee and your blogs (all 5). Thanks for always being there without fail. I look forward to your long awaited book. Yes, bravo!!!!

  2. Thanks Donna. Appreciate your patience. Your support from the “early days” is remarkable. Foundational you might say. Thank you.

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