More right versus more ready

More right versus more ready.

Trying to get to the heart of client hesitation in signing a contract often leads us down the path of trying to be more convincing.

What might have a greater impact in the second half of the client proposal life cycle is to help the client overcome their unspoken fears.

This would first, and obviously, require bringing those fears to the surface.

No easy task.

So it’s easy to want to be more right.





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  1. I think this is really important in rapport-building as well. It’s easy to assume fear of failure is the biggest concern when the thought of success (change) may actually be more overwhelming.

    It is also easy to give advice, but most people who are hesitant about a commitment already know what they should do.

    Rather than giving reasons why a decision is best, sometimes people need to hear that it’s great to make decision X but it’s also OK to make decision Y. It’s great to want to make a change, but it’s also OK if you choose not to right now. It is far better to be perceived as respectful rather than pushy.

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