Only patience begets patience

Seth Godin insight on value
The next entrepreneurial lesson could be the theory of walking away from both little and big opportunities).


Being an entrepreneur can be a blind spot when it comes to people looking in from the outside. While the benefits seem greater for the entrepreneur than for working for someone else, the “benefits” do not exist for any entrepreneur until one succeeds at creating and maintaining a thriving business model.

You can start something, but statistics tell a sad story for the majority.

One of the biggest early lessons i’ve learned is:

Only patience begets patience.

When negotiating with other alpha dog executives, egos (and fear) can destroy common sense logic. This can drag things out to the point of exposing unfavorable working conditions – a diseased organizational culture.

Past failures, experience with hurtful, untrustworthy partners and clients – all of this builds a wall. A wall that may only crumble if one is willing to walk away.




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