Speaker Video idea 4/5 – Conflict

Disney Keynote Speakers
“Backstage Magic”.


Disney Characters
Enlisted a complete stranger to help capture the story in Glacier National Park.


Disney Management Consultants
Bear Hat Mountain requires serious effort to visit.


Speaker Video idea 4/5 – Conflict:

Great stories always involve conflict. We’ll need to figure out our conflict. Some ideas:

  1. Client verbally pushes back on “No speaker videos and wants to discontinue conversation – or the look on jeff’s face says the client never replied back via email.”
  2. jeff is clearly challenged to find a convincing way to get Meeting Planners and Speakers Bureaus to .think .differently
  3. Showcase a Disney Theme Park example of a stereotypical challenge that overcame conventional thinking by our Guests
  4. Illustrate the “plain vanilla effect” of every speaker having speaker videos – an impossible stereotype to break???
  5. Maybe a short clip of Roger Bannister breaking the 4-minute mile barrier, or something like that – the Berlin Wall coming down

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