The one thing that is shamefully rare in today’s competitive business world

Sara Bareilles’ new song Brave crossed Mid Life Celebration’s path on exactly the right day. Talk about timing.

Had an intense, and extraordinarily useful conversation from an unlikely source.

The topic yesterday was being brave.

My argument was that I was not being brave. But I argued I was, with humility as the first filter.

It dawned on me that humility is rare.

Shamefully rare.

And practicing the art of humility can stun people because they can’t even tell what it is.



This was an exciting discovery to realize how far I’ve come. Hope you are finding surprising and useful ways to gauge your progress.

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  1. Jeff,

    I think people in the business world (or in society in general) equate being brave with being brash, attention-drawing, or “in your face.” That just means you are loud or attention-seeking…not courageous (which is a definition of brave).

    You are right – you are in rare company to show calm courage while maintaining humility. The focus is not on the person, but the action.


  2. Bob, 100 days later it’s difficult to recall the exact details or even who was involved.

    What’s fascinating looking back is this: whatever it was, it struck a powerful chord.

    And what stays powerful even as I type this isn’t the details of that interaction, but the profound insight (and needs no specific example) which is simply the personal discipline required to live humbly, even in emotional situations.

    To harness control (perhaps on the way to mastery from years of effort) of each individual situation – being ever mindful it’s not about us.

    We have nothing to lose or to gain.

    We are simply here, serving others as best we can.

    People don’t expect selflessness in business, and can not recognize it even when in it’s midst.

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