The text came in last night that i had hoped wouldn’t

Disney management Consultants
It took eight hours of incline peddling to reach the mountain pass.


The photo above is from my Honeymoon. It was a 17-day trip with $200 dollars in our pockets. We covered 600 miles. Not most 20-somethings’ vision of a Honeymoon.

.think .differently

Thinking, and more importantly doing, differently wasn’t learned at Disney, it was glorified.

The text came in last night that i had hoped wouldn’t.

We are somewhere close to being 100% apart on cost.

i am rationally realistic that i must begin to accept that walking away is a distinct possibility.

It will be a last resort.

But here’s the interesting thing, it will not take much longer to reach this decision.

Part of my brand is offering a value that is remarkably easy to take for granted.

My product holds a rare position in the management consulting business advising marketplace.

If a client can’t see it intuitively, it is likely to be a deal breaker.

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