Being Brave

Who are you in 100 words or less?

Bet you can’t do it (he thought to himself) (how hard could it be?)…


Who are you in 100 words or less? Are you brave enough to write something outrageously interesting that would make others want to click your way?

A book on Age Potential is being published soon. Decent chance Mid Life Celebration, LLC will get a mention. Was asked to write a 100-word or less bio. Way harder than it seemed…

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10 replies on “Who are you in 100 words or less?”

Patty, thanks for supporting Lori’s mission. The way you lead your life to be a role model for your daughters is in alignment with the book’s message of thriving – at any age.

Thank you Natalie. This opportunity found me. What Lori is doing is so exciting.

And so in alignment with Mid Life Celebration.

We get one shot at life.

There is no rehearsal.

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