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This is a personal blog about our career.

Written by jeff noel every single day since April Fools Day 2009.

Here the theme revolves around being remarkable, being generous, creating art, and doing work that matters.

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Most people are going through the motions.



Is your culture by design or by default?

When your leaders ask a subordinate, “Can you come see me in my office?”, as the employee walks down the hall are they thinking, “This must be about ‘Employee of the Year’ again.”?


.lead .differently



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jeff noel is an Orlando Based Disney Keynote Speaker.

One million+ people globally while working at Disney Institute.

The Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award (twice).


Fortune 500’s • Healthcare • Education • Banking • Automotive • Sports • Retail • Manufacturing • Associations • etc


The perfect opening or closing keynote should challenge your audience in a powerful, clear, concise, and compelling way.


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