Creativity comes in many forms

A Pile Of Rocks
A Pile Of Rocks

Creativity comes in many forms, including a childlike imagination to pretend.

Today’s topic reveals the number one Social Media secret.

It’s number one, period.

But vehemently denied by so many.

And multitudes fail because of this.

Let me make this as simple as possible.  The answer is patience.

Click on it to read Seth Godin’s take. It’s his number one most popular blog post.


This is why Social Media, and blogging in particular, is overrated.

By jeff noel

Retired Disney Institute Keynote Speaker and Prolific Blogger. Five daily, differently-themed personal blogs (about life's 5 big choices) on five interconnected sites.


  1. So,jeff, how long have you been at this strategy of five blogs a day?

    I’ve got almost two months of a post a day, automatically connected to twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

    Think we have the patience outlast everyone else with our strategies?

    Just askin’

  2. April 1 marks the one-year anniversary. Expect me to go somewhere with this story.

    Blogs are a dime a dozen. I’ll take a nickels worth…

    Don’t know if I’ll have the patience. But based on my predictable behaviors, I’m guessing….

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