He designs websites to do only three things

canvs office space in downtown Orlando


(photo: Two days ago at the Orlando WordPress mentoring meeting at canvs, Orlando’s newest office sharing community.)

We met two days ago. He is the IT director for a regionalĀ self-storage company. And he designs his websites to let his customers :

  1. buy
  2. pay
  3. contact

Self -storage. Who knew?

Everything his website does is designed to drive his customers to one of those three actions. Period.

He claims to have made $100,000 as a high school senior. He got into designing websites as a competition with his friends to see could be the best.

Asked him if what he had just shared was anywhere on his website. Why? Because it tells a potentially compelling story that may engage his audience to do what he hopes more often.

He also has an eight-year old son and he is not exactly at a healthy BMI for men his age (30’s). His path is probably not going to change unless he has a wakeup call.

Maybe we could barter.

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