They Don’t Want To Become Famous

There are people who have jobs they really don’t enjoy and work for people they really don’t respect. Additionally, they dream of writing a book (or maybe they already have),Β or starting a business.

Yet they are not assertive enough to market themselves. They are “too humble” for that sort of work.

Hey, good luck with that.

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  1. Bob, just yesterday (for real) I spoke with someone who left a copy of their self-published book on my desk.

    He or she said they we’re uncomfortable “promoting” themselves.

    Since it was asked for, I deposited my 2-cents worth.

    That led to today’s post.

    It is also a reminder to the fella in my mirror. “Dear jeff, whatever you are afraid of, that takes too much time, sacrifice and money….get over it buddy. The long way is the short cut.”

    Bob, be creative, be bold, be patient, be sure of what you want.

  2. Thanks Mike.
    Just hit the FB like button at the end of each post, or become a Fan of my new Facebook Page for Mid Life Celebration. πŸ™‚
    Wait, you’re already a ‘Fan”. So, then, just click the blog’s FB Like button. (If ya really want to)

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