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MidLife Blogging Adjustment

Ever do something that started out small and insignificant, and it just grew and grew (mostly unnoticed) until one day, SHAZAAM!

March’s travel schedule as a Professional Speaker challenged me to find a temporary solution. How will I write 5 daily, differently-themed blogs while on the road and no guarantee of Internet access?

And for that matter, no assurance of free time to write…

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By jeff noel

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2 replies on “MidLife Blogging Adjustment”

And…find ways to accomplish the mission that never previously crossed your mind.
It’s unanimous, this experiment of filling the que (before going on International trips..Hong Kong on the horizon) has revealed one profound thing.

Writing, to me, is the same as praying. I relish the daily opportunity to start anew, and let the ideas and words flow from nothing.

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