My email reply yesterday morning

Disney conference speakers
An inside glimpse at my game plan. i map out timing down to the minute. The circles indicate a state change. Most slides have only a few words.


Great, authentic post Betsy.

The past few years i felt something but couldn’t put my finger on it. Your website is stunning and professional. And you offer a number of complimentary assets.

Social media, and all the recommended pieces (email subscription, blog, giveaways, videos, webinars, etc)…when everyone is focused on the same recipe, it creates a sea of “pick-me” look-a-likes (in my opinion).

So how does a customer decide?

What makes them pause, and say, “This is different. Not sure i like it, but let me have a closer look.”

Is it intrigue that is the key?

Is it boldness to not follow conventional wisdom?

Anyway, i enjoyed your transparency. i hope something in this email is helpful.

Peace and blessings.




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