Playing around with your LinkedIn profile is good for you

Lethbridge Bridge
This bridge is the largest railway structure in Canada and the largest of its type in the world.


Over the years, do we experiment with our bio, our resume?

Should we?

Why wouldn’t we?

But do we?

. . . . .

The original post written 100 days ago included a LinkedIn profile rough draft, and was too long, too self-centered.

This post was re-written last night, March 12, and the photo was from the day before that.

Why is this important?

Simply this, life is a process.

A process of continuous improvement.

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  1. Strangely refreshing. Having a post not written 100 days ago mixed with those that are, is a nice mix. It has a different feel to the reader. Just sayin’.

  2. Donna, coming up on April Fool’s Day, which marks the five year anniversary of Five-A-Day.

    Do you remember when it started as a 100-day challenge?

    Just 100 days….

    About to become 1,825 days.

    How in the world did that happen?

    PS. Hear ya loud and clear. Stay tuned…. 🙂

  3. Okay, April 1st it is? Looking forward to something special. Yes I remember way back when. Look how far you have come.
    Hey BTW, I am a member of the “red spine” club. WOOHOO, didn’t realize that.

  4. Donna, yes, you are part of the red spine community.

    April 1st.

    Can we lower the expectations a bit?

    Currently do not have a plan other than to slow down and contemplate the milestone and try to answer some questions not even considered yet.

    Do you have any? Maybe that would be the thing, to ask readers what they want to know about the journey, etc.


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