The main thing i’ll be listening for

distracted driving
What is invisible in this photo is that she was doing this while waiting to turn left at a busy intersection, while the light was green.


The Podcast with Jody Maberry was fun. i was honored to be one of his first Guests.

It was a first for me.

None of his recordings have gone live yet, so once he has his digital grand opening, there will be a few podcasts before mine.

You know what i can’t wait to listen for?

Blind spots.


It’s one of the quickest routes to improvement.

At home and at work…

Fix the blind spots.




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  1. Jeff,

    I got to listen to your podcast this morning on the link above! Besides it being a very cool conversation (about trash, but really about the culture of Disney), I was impressed with the quality of the audio! I know you were doing this from home, but it sounded like you two were in the same room, talking!

    Great job!


  2. Jeff,

    I really enjoyed your episode with Jody. Bob is right, the sound quality was excellent, and the content even better. I am subscribed to Jody’s podcast now, so I know he also used some snippets of your conversation in a later episode, as well.

    Nice work!


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