Disney Writing: Day 38 of 365

Disney World Roadside signs
East side of property.


Disney World Roadside signs
Middle of property.


Disney World Roadside signs
Still the middle, near Epcot.


How often do we find ourselves out of our routine?

And what do we do when we are in the middle of this “disruption”?

Yesterday i was the passenger instead of the driver as we drove to Japan for a late lunch (and some Disney writing).

Being a shutter-bug, i began taking pictures.

Photos of inconsequential signs.

Except for one thing, these signs tell a story.

A story about a Family that has dedicated their lives to Walt Disney World.

No one cares.

But its still a cool story.


Epcot World Showcase
Writing and lunch happened here.


Epcot World Showcase
Writing on an iPhone is astonishingly easy. Also wrote inside Mitsukoshi Department Store.


Epcot World Showcase
Fuel for the body, and for the writer’s spirit.



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